The 2003 Super Skate Weekend was a great success. The event was run on July 25th as a one day Tour de France style stage race.

The stages for the event were:

Stage 1: Prologue Sprint (200m uphill on the road)
Stage 2: Individual Time Trial (1 mile on the 400m track)
Stage 3: Distance Race (17 minutes + two laps on the 400m track)

During the warm-up we heard plenty of pre-race excuses. Mark Farnsworth was especially vocal as he made sure everyone knew he was “very tired”. He had some lame excuse about his morning workout but not many people believed him. This kind of pre-race posturing is an old trick to play “mind games” with the competitors.


The prologue sprint kicked off the competition. Skaters lined up, put on their “game faces”, and sprinted for all they were worth. From the line, Mark F. and Bruce W. surged ahead to take advantage of a slow start by local sprint power house Marc S. A strong finish by Marc S. allowed him to recover from his slow start to beat Mark F. at the line. All the positions in the top ten were hard fought with quick stepping and tight finishes. The sprint favored raw power over endurance. Endurance specialists like Mark S., Kendra H., and Dane W. had trouble with the sprint and as a result knew they would need serious performances in the next two events to get into top GC spots.

Prologue Results: General classification
   1.  Marc S.
   2.  Mark F.
   3.  Bruce W.
   4.  Garth Z.
   5.  Keith K.
   6.  Dave W.
   7.  Todd N.
   8.  Mark S.
   9.  Kendra H.
  10. Dane W.
   1.  Marc S. (1 pts)
   2.  Mark F. (2 pts)
   3.  Bruce W. (3 pts)
   4.  Garth Z. (4 pts)
   5.  Keith K. (5 pts)
   6.  Dave W. (6 pts)
   7.  Todd N. (7 pts)
   8.  Mark S. (8 pts)
   9.  Kendra H. (9 pts)
  10. Dane W. (10 pts)


The individual time trial gave skaters with middle distance power a chance to score well and move up on the general classification. With no drafting, the individual event is a “race of truth” where skaters must dig deep to extract every last bit of speed for a one mile effort.

With race day adrenalin, many skaters set new personal records despite a light wind on the back part of the track. The most improved skater was Garth Z. from the home team club who smashed his PR and was able to protect his position on the general classification. Kendra H. was phenomenal with a new PR earning life time membership in the exclusive 2 minute club and dramatically improving her standing in the general classification.

One Mile TT Results: General classification
   1.  Mark F. (2:46)
   2.  Bruce W. (2:55)
   3.  Kendra H. (2:59)
   4.  Marc S. (3:05)
   5.  TIE: Todd N., Keith K. (3:13)
   6.  TIE: Garth Z., Dane W. (3:17)
   7.  Dave W. (3:22)
   8.  Mark S. (3:26)
   1.  Mark F. (3 pts)
   2.  TIE: Marc S., Bruce W. (5 pts)
   3.  TIE: Garth Z., Keith K. (10 pts)
   4.  TIE: Kendra H., Todd N. (12 pts)
   5.  Dave W. (13 pts)
   6.  TIE: Mark S. (16 pts), Dane W. (16 pts)


The final race of the day was the pack style distance race. With general classification rankings at stake, it was clear we would have a tactical battle. Distance skaters were looking to score points and move up. Sprinters and middle distance specialists would look for opportunities to draft and avoid accumulating too many points in the finish. (The skater with the fewest points wins!)

The race started with a bang as two strong skaters, Todd N. and Dane W., went off in a breakaway on lap two. The break settled into a good rhythm and soon gained about a 20 second lead on the lumbering pack. In the main pack, skaters looked to see who would lead the chase and were relieved when strong man Bruce W. came to the front to pull the pack. Triangle Skate Club sent off tactical attacks to try to shake up the pack. Kendra H. stayed back in the pack and “hid” in the draft while Mark F. attacked several times to soften up the field. Near the half way point of the race, Kendra launched an attack and joined Mark F. forming a break just off the front of Dane W. Kendra H. and Mark F. worked well together, but Dane’s solo chase was tenacious. Mark and Kendra dug deep and were able to hold the gap to finish first and second while Dane came in a solid third with a hard driving Todd N. holding on to 4th after spending most of the race in the wind.

Behind Todd, the tactics in the pack were intense as it was clear that points would be critical to those seeking general classification placements. As the top sprinter in the group, Marc S. won the sprint to secure 3rd place in the general classification. Mark S. surprised a tactical minded Garth Z. with a strong finishing kick and came in second in the pack sprint.

Distance Race Results: General classification
   1.  Mark F.
   2.  Kendra H.
   3.  Dane W.
   4.  Todd N.
   5.  Marc S.
   6.  Mark S.
   7.  Keith K.
   8.  Garth Z.
   9.  Dave W.
  10. Bruce W.
   1.  Mark F. (4 pts)
   2.  Marc S. (10 pts),
   3.  Kendra H. (14 pts)
   4.  Bruce W. (15 pts)
   5.  Todd N. (16 pts)
   6.  Keith K. (17 pts)
   7.  Garth Z. (18 pts)
   8.  Dane W. (19 pts)
   9.  TIE: Dave W. (22 pts), Mark S. (22 pts)


At the award ceremony, the yellow “jersey” was presented to a beaming Mark F. Marc S. received the 2nd place green “jersey” while Kendra H. got the red “jersey” for 3rd place. The rest of the top ten all received special “jerseys” to mark their achievements.

Photos will be posted when they become available.